The Project

A common legal framework and a convergent judicial culture represent one of the pillars on which the European integration process has been pivoting since its very beginning. Today, more than ever, the understanding and the maintenance of the tempo and the direction of the integration need to rely on a common language with which Europeans and European policy makers develop a dialogue across domestic and cultural differences.

Menu for Justice is the first European project that takes seriously the issue of how young generations should be trained in law and legal matters and how the prospective experts of law and courts should be provided of new skills and competences to effectively face the challenges of a common judicial space. By devoting three years of common work among fifty partners in Europe, the project aims at assessing principal shortcomings of legal education, developing an innovative curriculum studiorum in judicial studies, and offering the EU and the public basic guidelines to monitor the way legal and judicial training are changing in the EU, all over the cycles of education (from undergraduate to graduate, PhD programs and vocational learning).

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